The Pattersons

This Darling family was so much fun to take pictures of the kids were awesome  and well behaved. We had fun joking around and having fun. What a cute couple, just having their sixth child they have their happily ever after story.

The Tingey Family

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this adorable Family not to mention this beautiful girl is one of my best friends and the sweetest girl I have ever met. It's always fun to take pictures of families, you get a little glimpse of their life and the way they interact with each other. What a sweet family, total models. They are the most darling little boys they are so sweet to each other

The Dawson Family

This Family is Amazing. You can just feel the LOVE they have for each other! Everyone helps each other and they play so nice together. It's a good thing this couple fell in love and have six beautiful children....they have their happily ever after!

Ashley's Bridals

I always love taking pictures of brides. They are always so happy and willing to try whatever I through in front of them. You can see the happiness in their eyes. This bride is gorgeous and easy to take pictures of, she is a total model.

Spencer's Portraits

Spencer is one of the best kids I know. He is amazingly talented, intellegent, funny and  a genuine person. He wears his heart on his sleeve. It was fun to take pictures of him, not a dull moment. (In fact we had a few ninja moves) :) He loves the outdoors,water polo, and playing the guitar.

Baby Lincoln

What a laid back easy going baby. I had the oppurnity to take newborns and baby blessing pics for this little one. He is adorable and so sweet. His little brother is adorable as well. His mother is one of the kindest sweetest beautiful girls I have ever met. These boys are lucky to have such a great mama.

Lindsey's Baptism

This amazing little girl  turned eight and was getting baptized. She says the funniest things, while doing her session at the end she said "Now I know how rock stars feels, with all the paparazzi! She also had lost a few teeth and didn't want to show her them but it worked well for the session and the feelings and thoughts going through this little girls head. Love ya linds