Apple Family

This little family was so much fun to take pictures of, I love families. I love watching them interact with each other I love how much energy and love the kids have it makes it so much fun. ily

McDougal Family

McDougal family, I loved this bunch they were cracking me up so much fun you call tell the love and closeness they have. Congrats kaleb on your mission call excited for you to serve. Fa,

Dance co 2017

These energetic adorable kids were so fun to take pictures of, their enthusiasm and excitement to have their picture taken was awesome.   

Gabreilla Newborns

One of my favorite things in this world is the smell of newborns and being able to have their tiny bodies melt and cuddle into you. I loved taking this sweet angels pictures and seeing familes grow the love that you feel when you walk into a house with a newborn baby is beautiful!

Emma Newborn

Oh little tiny beautiful Emma, I loved taking her pictures. Her family adores her and I can see why she is a precious angel,such a good baby.  orn